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Specialising in Pernettyas for 40 years

he company started out with a wide range of garden plants in 1980. The nursery was about one hectare, located in Tempel, in the municipality of Reeuwijk. All plants were delivered in Boskoop. Our company has now expanded to become a modern nursery spanning over 12.5 hectares.


Cultivation cycle
Our own cultivation

At Pernettya Kwekerij M. Mathot, we have control over the entire cultivation of our Pernettyas. From stem to delivery, we make sure that each process runs as smoothly as possible. The Pernettya is a 2-year cultivation that involves a lot of work. We start cutting around September. Every year, we produce around 3 million Pernettya cuttings in our greenhouses.
Here, the cuttings are cared for so they properly take root. Around March, these rooted cuttings are potted in the desired pot sizes and placed in our roll-air greenhouse automatically. That is a foil greenhouse that can be fully opened and closed. The Pernettyas are well cared for in the roll-air greenhouse, where they produce many branches – making for a nice, compact plant. A year later, the Pernettyas are picked up, cleaned, sorted and driven out to the container field by forklift. Here, they are set up with space in between and layouts are changed so as to get enough light on all sides. Male plants are also put in the container fields and the first Pernettya flowers start to bloom in May. These flowers attract bees, which pollinate the plants by flying from one flower to the next. That way, the pollen from the male plants reaches the female plants. In June, the last flowers are pollinated and the first fruits start to swell. This happens all summer long, and from August onwards, the first colours start to show on the berries and the Pernettyas are ready to be delivered.

Our most valuable asset

Four permanent employees work at Pernettya Kwekerij M. Mathot. In the peak period (August – December) and potting season (March – May), our team also includes freelancers and temporary workers.

Work at M. Mathot

We are often (mainly in the peak season) looking for employees and students. Check out our current job openings here.


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