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Our product range

Boomkwekerij M. Mathot specialises in Pernettyas. Our years of experience ensure high and constant quality. We offer our Pernettyas in red, white and pink, in various pot sizes and mix trays. Check out all of our available types, pot sizes and added value online.


Christmas Pernettya

In the run-up to Christmas, M. Mathot offers a wide range of Pernettyas that are specially prepared for the most wonderful time of the year! Our plants are available with artificial snow, glitter, metallic gift wrap around the pot, in wicker baskets, etc. On top of the beautiful, full fruit-bearing Pernettya, this added value makes for a festive plant in your home or on your garden table.


The Pernettya has many different names. For example, the Pernettya is related to the Gaultheria: the Pernettya’s full name is Gautheria Pernettya Mucronata. That is why what we call the Pernettya is also referred to as Gualtheria. The Dutch term for Pernettya is Parelbes (literally: ‘pearl berry’), because of its beautiful berries that look like pearls.


Our Pernettyas are available in 4 different pot sizes: P17, P14, P10.5 & P6, all of which we have in 3 colours: red, pink and white. We have extra options to unburden and meet our clients’ wishes. For example, we can add stickers and sleeves to the Pernettyas. Check out our product range! We are always open to discussing clients’ ideas as well.


Product images

We have a large database of product images. Below is a selection to give you a good idea of our product range.