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We have Pernettyas in four different pot sizes: P17, P14, P10.5 & P6. These pot sizes come in red, pink and white, which we grow in large numbers. 
Our sales markets are daily trade and retail offers, and our strong delivery system allows you to place very large but also smaller orders.
In addition to delivering our Pernettyas in these pot sizes and colours, we also do a lot with added value and extra options. Examples include: stickering, mixing in trays, sleeves, gift wrap and carry pots. We also like to work out clients’ wishes into ideas with our Pernettyas.


We offer our products in various types of packaging. That includes special Halloween pot covers, a Decorum tray, reflective foil and wicker baskets. This makes our Pernettya a beautiful product to give someone as a gift. Our other products can also be delivered with added value. For retail, we offer the mini Pernettya in a display case. Perfect to position right in front of the cash register, for example.

Voor de retail bieden wij mini Pernettya aan in een display doos. Perfect om bijvoorbeeld vlak voor de kassa te positioneren.


Pernettya in sleeve

Our Pernettya is available in our own decorative sleeve. This uniform and neat presentation makes for a higher attention value on the shelf and increases impulse purchases.

Pernettya without sleeve

Our Pernettya is of course also available without a sleeve. They will be delivered to you in trays on CC carts.


Carry pot

An extra-long label attached to the pot on two sides creates an easy handle. This makes our carry pot a handy product at the garden centre. If consumers only want to buy a single plant, this way they won’t get their hands dirty, which they appreciate.



Do you want our product coded with your own label, barcode or other label?
We are flexible and would be happy to look at the options with you to make that happen.